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Fat Emulsion Injection ( C14~24)
As an energy supplementary medicine ,this product is a component part of parenteral nutrition to supply energy and essential fatty acids to the body .It is used in parenteral nutrition to provide with supplementary energy and essential fatty acids ,to prevent and treat essential fatty acid deficiency and also to supply essential fatty acids for those patients whose levels of essential fatty acids cannot be maintained or restored back to normal through oral intake .Lecithin is used in auxiliary treatment for arteriosclerosis fatty liver ,infantile eczema and neurological decline disorders .It is used in excipient as solubilizer and emulsifier ,and as anti oxidant for fat and oil
Ginkgo Leaves Soft-gel Capsule
With the effects of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis and dredge collateral ,it can be used for treating symptoms such as thoracic obstruction ,cardiodynia ,apoplexy ,hemiplegia ,stiff tongue and retardation in speech resulted from obstruction of collaterals by blood stasis .It can also be used in treating above-mentioned symptoms caused by stable angina ( coronaryheart disease )and cerebral infarction.
Kanglaite Soft-gel Capsule
It is used to treat patients before surgery or inoperable patients with non-small-cell lung cancer .

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