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A Brief Introduction to the Company

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Established by the renowned pharmacologist Prof. Li Dapeng, Zhejiang Kanglaite Group is a pharmaceutical oriented transnational corporation group which has 5 subsidiaries i.e. Zhejiang Kanglaite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kanglaite Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Laifute Winery Co., Ltd., Kanglaite USA Inc. and Zhejiang Kanglaite Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Kanglaite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a “State Key High-tech Enterprise” entitled by China’s Ministry of Science & Technology. Covering an area of 7 hectares and a total floor space of 28,000 sq. m, the LVP production line and auxiliary equipment were totally introduced from Europe and USA. International GMP standard is strictly followed in production. There are over 500 staff of whom 60% are with university diploma. And 32 regional offices in China offer a strong momentum in expanding domestic market.

As “State Basic Drug” and “State Medical Insurance Drug”, Kanglaite Injection (KLT) is a novel dual-function, broad spectrum and molecular targeting anticancer agent with its active substance extracted from a medicinal herb “semen coicis” by state of the art technology. KLT has remarkable functions in inhibiting and killing various cancer cells while strengthening immune function. In addition it has significant effectiveness in controlling cancerous pain, resisting cachexia, preventing cancer metastasis, improving and prolonging patient survival.

Experience from basic research and long term clinical application has shown that KLT presents good effect in treatment of cancers mainly at sites of lung, liver, stomach, breast, prostate and malignant lymphoma, etc. It has brought great benefits to 650,000 patients after being launched in China.

KLT has 100% intellectual property. Its chemical component, process technology and application have obtained patent certificates from over 10 countries including China, USA, EC, Russia, Japan, Korea and Indonesia. In 2001 FDA approved KLT to start clinical study in USA and the Russian Ministry of Health issued registration certificate in December 2003. Some new pharmaceuticals like “Kanglaite Soft Capsule”, “Gingko Leave Soft Capsule” and high energy fat emulsion have been added into the product catalogue in recent years.

Now KLT is applying for registration in GCC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Brazil, the Philippines and the phase II clinical trial is underway in USA. We have strong faiths that as KLT is approved to be marketed in a series of countries and territories, more and more cancer patients will be benefited directly from KLT.

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