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An Introduction to Kanglaite Injection

Invented by famous pharmacologist Prof. Li Dapeng after decades of efforts, Kanglaite Injection (KLT) has been listed by the Chinese government as "State Basic Drug", "State Basic Medical Insurance Drug" and "State Key New Drug". KLT has been on top of the best selling anticancer drugs in China in recent years due to its proven efficacy.

KLT is a unique botanically sourced molecular targeted agent prepared as a micro-emulsion for intravenous use. It is manufactured by the state of art technology with active substance extracted from a natural herbal plant “semen coicis”.

KLT has the following advantages.
- Killing cancer cells directly and effectively while remarkably improving patient immune function
- Synergistic in increasing efficacy and reducing toxicity when combined with chemotherapy regimens or radiation therapy
- Providing high energy nutrition to treat cachexia
- Controlling cancerous pain markedly
- Improving patients’ quality of life and notably prolonging survival
-  With little adverse reaction itself

In China KLT is used clinically in the following aspects.
- Combined with chemo regimens to minimize toxic reaction & enhance effect
- Combined with radiotherapy to improve sensitivity
- Preoperational monotherapy to prevent further spread and metastasis
- Monotherapy after inefficacious chemotherapy to elevate KPS, MST and TTP
- Treating late stage advanced and metastatic cases to elevate KPS, MST and TTP
- Controlling cancerous pain with long lasting effect.
- Improving cachexia to provide high energy nutrition
- Applied in intervention with arterial perfusion in both large and small doses
- Eliminating hydrothorax and pericardial effusion
- Eliminating cancerous ascites


A cycle for KLT is 200 ml (2 bottles) per day via intravenous drip x 21 days (42 bottles) and a standard treatment course includes 42 days (84 bottles). There is a break for 4-5 days after 21 days. And clinical experiences in China and Russia suggest 2 treatment courses can be applied for terminally-ill patients for better therapeutic effect and evident prolongation of life.

Based on pre-clinical studies at Johns Hopkins University, USA, tumor-inhibitive rate of KLT on transplanted breast carcinoma induced by cell strain MDA-MB-231 was over 50%. KLT could inhibit the expression of COX2 of the strain in vitro and act as an inhibitor of fatty acid synthase. The basic studies conducted in China also revealed KLT’s multi-mechanisms, including inducing cancer cell apoptosis, inhibiting angiogenesis, reversing MDR and regulating gene expression of Fas/Apo-1 and Bcl-2 and restraining cell enzyme.

Both domestic and overseas clinical experiences have shown that KLT has proven effect in the treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, esophagus cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, colon-rectum cancer, ovary and prostate cancers. This agent is also applied in the treatment of malignant lymphoma and acute leukemia. KLT has brought great benefits to 650,000 cancer patients in China so far.

The year of 1995 witnessed KLT patent certificates granted from China and USA. In August 1997 the phase III clinical study was successfully completed and the injection was officially launched in China after final approval from the Ministry of Health.

FDA approved KLT clinical study in USA in March 2001. The phase I clinical study of KLT conducted at Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah was satisfactorily completed which laid a solid foundation for forthcoming clinical trials. The US "Science" magazine covered the success of KLT in China and USA in its January issue of 2003. [
The whole story in PDF format] At present a phase II study on Kanglaite injection in the treatment of pancreatic cancer is being conducted in USA.

Russian Federation approved KLT clinical study in January 2002 and the phase II study was smoothly ended in April 2003 with inspiring outcomes. In December 2003 the registration certificate was issued from Russian Ministry of Health and KLT has been marketed in Russia from 2005 with positive response. Later, an international multi-center randomized clinical study on KLT combined with first line chemotherapeutic drugs in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) carried out in 3 hospitals in Moscow was also successful.

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